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Why Fall is the Best Time to Buy A Pool

Alright, y’all. Here’s the deal. Summer has ended, which—trust us, we know—is incredibly depressing. Gone are the days of margaritas by the pool and where flip-flops are appropriate attire anyway. Also, gone are our tans. Goodbye, tans.

We’ll mourn the loss of all of it—ice cream cones, cook-outs, outdoor concerts—but the season change is not a bad thing. Fall is here, which means a whole new array of beautiful days and fun activities.

And for those of you who think you missed your chance to buy a pool this summer, think again. Because that’s when you want it must, the summer might seem like the best time to buy a pool. Au contraire.

Although the summer is a great time to buy a pool, it’s not necessarily the best. In fact, we would argue that the fall is the best time to buy a pool.


Here’s why:

The weather is perfect. 

By installing your pool in the fall months, not only do you ensure that you have a pool by spring, but you also ensure that it’s installed before you’re hit with cold, freezing temps that could delay the process.

You can plan the details. 

There’s nothing wrong with installing your pool in the spring, but it can mean that you have less time to focus on the details; you might just want to get it done before summer. If you install your pool in the fall, you can consider everything, from how/who you want to maintain your pool, what the poolside will look like, and if you’ll plant any flowers or plants. You’ll be able to focus more on making it the pool of your dreams, rather than just getting it installed by summer.

You’ll be the best gift giver.    

The holidays are going to be here before you know it. What better gift to give than the gift of luxury, fitness and family time, all bundled in one?

Availability is greater.

Here’s a secret from us to you: The spring and summer are incredibly popular times to install pools. By installing later in the year, you can rest assured that you'll have your pool installed on time and in budget.

You’ll be ready.

Instead of looking longingly outside when warm weather returns, you’ll be able to use your pool immediately. Install your pool this season, so that you can use it when you want it most!