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6 People You'll Meet Every Fall

It’s finally starting to feel like fall, and everyone feels differently. Whether you love pumpkin or not, here are 6 of the people you're most likely to meet this season.

The Fall Fashionista


The minute the first leaf drops and the temps fall below 70, this person is easy to spot. They’ll be the one cuddling up in sweaters, boots and beanies, while the rest of us are still transitioning from flip-flops and shorts.


The Pumpkin Everything-er 

Pumpkin Lover

Pumpkin muffins. Pumpkin pies. Pumpkin pancakes. And, of course, who could forget the pumpkin lattes? This person takes passion for pumpkins to all new levels, and you’ll be disgusted—and impressed—by the ways they incorporate pumpkin into their day-to-day living this fall.


The Picker & Planner

Apple Picking

From picking pumpkins to picking apples to picking Halloween costumes, this friend will have your fall schedule booked. There are a lot of fall activities, and they won’t let you miss any of them.


The Holiday Prepper

Halloween Decorations

This person has been waiting all year for October to just get here, so that, at last, they can start decorating for the holidays. From Halloween to New Year’s to everything in between, this person has had decorations and recipes and parties planned for months.


The Football Fanatic

Football Tailgate

Don’t expect to see this person during the fall, unless it’s at a tailgate or the local watering hole. It’s football season—college, pro, and fantasy—and The Football Fanatic is into all of it.


Mr./Ms. Stuck in Summer

Stuck in Summer

Mr./Ms. Stuck in Summer is stuck in summer and can be found laying out by the pool when everyone else is cozied up next to a fire. Don’t be surprised if they wear flip-flops and shorts to your holiday party.


Which one are you?