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Tips for Maintaining Your Pool in the Fall

It's getting colder out there! Whether you're closing the pool until spring or are just trying to keep the leaves out, make sure you're keeping it maintained this fall and winter. Don't let your pool "fall" apart this season!

Here are a few tips for maintaining your fiberglass pool in the fall:

  1. Invest in a quality pool cover. It might be tempting to buy the cheapest cover you can find, but we recommend finding the highest quality. This cover is going to be protecting your pool for many months; it needs to be strong and durable during varying weather conditions.
  2. Clean the heater. Prevent calcium build-up by cleaning the heater regularly.
  3. Check the filter. To keep your pool clean, check the filter and clean it out before it clogs.
  4. Keep it squeaky clean. To keep your pool clean, vacuum the bottom and brush the walls.
  5. Skim your pool. Skim the pool regularly, and don't let debris (like leaves!) build up.
  6. Maintain water levels. Keep the water at the proper levels to avoid damage. 
Pool Maintenence