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What Happens When You Swim Every Day?

Swimming is good for you. It’s a low impact, high-benefit sport that everyone swears by, and you’ll see a noticeable difference in your fitness just by swimming 20 minutes a few days a week.

But what if you swim every day? What happens if you swim every day?

You’ll have to diversify your workouts. 

If you start swimming every day, you’ll have to add in easier, recovery style days here and there. You’re not supposed to exercise at high-intensity every day for any sport, and the same goes for swimming. 

You’ll be flexing those muscles, all of them.

Swimming works everything from your biceps to your triceps to your shoulders to your chest; it even engages your core, which is why your abs are often sore after an exceptionally hard swim. On top of that, thanks to the kicking, you’ll also build strength in your hips, without the high-impact on your joints.

You’ll do your heart some good.

Swimming is a cardiovascular sport, and your heart will thank you for it. And thanks to the cardio benefits, you’ll also experience an improved mood, better blood flow and lower stress. Swim more, stress less!

You’ll smell like chlorine.

If your pool is a chlorine pool, expect to smell like chlorine every day. Also, expect to fall in love with this smell.  


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