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10 Tongue-in-Cheek Ways to Not Let Neighbors Use Your Pool

Maybe you live in a warmer climate and need a way to cool off. Maybe you just need some QT alone but want to stay close to home. And maybe you got a pool as a way to spend more time with family and friends.

There are a lot of different reasons to get a pool, but one outcome remains the same: When you get a pool, your house quickly becomes the hangout spots for family, friends and neighbors you didn’t know you had.

For some people, owning a pool is all about enjoying it with family and friends--the more the merrier! But for some of us, it’s our own personal oasis, and we don’t always feel like sharing. Ther’s nothing wrong with that! But what do you do when a friend or neighbor asks to swim in your pool…and you don’t want them to?

Sharing is caring, but there’s nothing wrong with saying no when it comes to swimming in your pool when you’re not around. Here are some of our favorite tongue-in-cheek excuses that are perfect for this kind of situation.

10 Tongue-in-Cheek Ways to Say NO


Then, when they repeat the question, shrug and shout, “SWIMMERS EAR.”

“The what? Oh, you mean our outdoor toilet. Sure, go for it.”

We know you don’t use your pool as an outhouse, but your nagging neighbor doesn’t need to know that.

“Hm. I’ll let you know.”

And then conveniently never let them know.

“Ohhh, wish I could. But my insurance only covers family.”

Who’s going to question that?

“I can’t, but I hear the Smiths down the street just got a pool!” 

You never liked the Smiths anyway.

“I’ll have to check with my husband/wife/family.”

When in doubt, pass the buck!

“My New Year’s Resolution was to say No to more things. I think I'll start today!”

Hey, no one’s going to want to stop you from being better!

“I’ve got too much on my plate right now.”

It’s the perfectly vague rejection.

“Ah, shoot. I really wish I could make it work. But I can’t.”

And then offer no explanation for why you can’t make it work.

“I need to think about it. Ask me yesterday!”

Run away before they realize that yesterday has already passed!


How do you feel about sharing your pool with neighbors? What are your house rules?