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Harrisburg, also known as Pennsylvania’s Capital City, has something to offer for residents of all ages. From family friendly events to the swanky restaurants and bars of downtown, you’ll never hear a Harrisburg resident saying, “There’s nothing to do,…”

Until the summer.

As a Harrisburg native, you’ve experienced the blistering cold of snowy Pennsylvania winters, followed by the smothering humidity of Pennsylvania summers. After enduring tens of inches of snow, there’s nothing you want more than to hold a frosted beverage in one hand and sunscreen in the other, as you sit next to the nearest body of water…any body of water.

Unfortunately, a trip to the closest beach requires dedicated planning, an empty to-do list, and time that you simply don’t have to spare. Sure, you can always haul the kids to the neighborhood or community pool, but that can be an ordeal in itself. You shouldn’t have to fight traffic and crowds to enjoy a day in the sun, and with an Alaglas Harrisburg fiberglass pool, you won’t have to.

Call today, and your very own fiberglass pool will be ready in a mere four weeks. Fiberglass pools offer low maintenance, low lifetime costs, low installation times, and low chemical usage, with superior strength, aesthetics, and finishes. For more information, visit



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