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Important Questions to Ask Your Swimming Pool Builder

A swimming pool is a great investment, one that should provide you many years of low-maintenance, hassle-free pleasure. You probably have a lot of questions as you make plans to take the “plunge.” It’s a big decision, after all, and you want to be sure you choose wisely to get the very best for your family and lifestyle. This is why Alaglas has created a Pool Builder Checklist to help you along during the purchase and installation process.

What are Customers Saying About Your Pool Builder?


Reputation is built on customer satisfaction. No amount of advertising or discount pricing can compensate for poor quality or bad customer service. There’s just no substitute for making people happy with their decision. You shouldn’t have to regret money spent on your family’s happiness. Ask the builder for references, so you can speak with previous customers to find out what they’re saying about this contractor.

What are Your Qualifications as Pool Builders?

Pool installations require expertise and planning. Your builder of choice should have the necessary credentials to do the job within specifications, in accordance with all municipal regulations, and should have a solid background in the industry. The pool builder you choose should be fully licensed, bonded and insured to do the work.

What Kind of Warranty Do You Offer?


When you hire a contractor to dig a huge hole on your property and install a pool, you have every reason to expect that decision is protected by a strong warranty from a reputable company. Ask whether your pool builder offers a structural warranty on their product(s). Inquire as to what specifically is covered (or not covered) under the warranty terms, and ensure you are able to obtain a written contract or agreement, to address specific conditions, from your builder.

What’s Involved in the Construction?

Planning is the most important part of custom pool building. Before it begins, your builder should be able to explain to you each stage of construction including locating all utilities on the property, obtaining permits, and determining the proper location and layout of the pool. A picture is definitely worth a thousand words when you see a 3D rendering of your backyard project! Ask your pool contractor if they offer a 3D model of the finished project! 


What Financing Options Do You Offer?

A swimming pool is a huge investment, and you may wish to secure financing in order to make your housing addition more affordable. Aside from financing and payment plans, there are also opportunities throughout the year to take advantage of off-season discounts either directly through your dealer and/or pool manufacturer.



Need some help with what questions are important to ask? Alaglas is here to help! We have created a quick CHECKLIST to help guide you along the way! Just click the link below to download the PDF!