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Why Choose Fiberglass Pools?

More and more, we continue to find that educated customers -- homeowners who review all options to find the best fit for their lifestyle -- tend to purchase fiberglass swimming pools. Here's why...

We have noticed that many of our swimming pools are purchased by homeowners installing a new pool for the second, or even the third, time. These customers had previously owned concrete or vinyl-liner pools and know all-too-well the headaches and costs associated with them. “We just want a fiberglass pool—it makes so much more sense” has become a common statement we hear from our customers. So…

Why not get it right the first time?

If you are shopping for your first pool, don’t make the same mistakes as these customers who learned the hard way about different pool types. Our objective is to help you become an informed consumer on both the pros and cons of all pools, so you can make your own educated decision. In our experience, a consumer who has educated themselves on the different pool types often ends in the purchase of a fiberglass pool. A customer who has looked into installation practices and quality standards also tends to choose fiberglass.

You can see the differences yourself in our pool comparison chart below.

Pool Comparative_img.jpg

According to our customers, the most important aspects of pool buying revolve around installation speed, maintenance required, choice of unique designs, and the manufacturer’s pool warranty. So we took a closer look at these key points of difference, and how we compare.

Speed of Installation

Perhaps the most impressive difference between fiberglass pools and those of vinyl or concrete, is the speed at which they can be installed. Your fiberglass swimming pool ships directly from one of our factories, or distribution yards, complete with the necessary equipment and arrives ready to be installed in your backyard. This means that in most cases you can be swimming in a matter of days, whereas a concrete or vinyl-liner pool can take months to complete.

Smooth Finish & Maintenance Free

Alaglas fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth, satin gel coat finish that is non-abrasive to skin or swimming suits. Additionally, our non-porous finish makes it exceptionally easy to care for and maintain. The surface cleans effortlessly and rarely requires the need to sweep the walls or floors.

Low Chemical Usage

Because of its smooth, non-porous surface, a fiberglass swimming pool does not need large amounts of chemicals to combat algae or balance your pool water’s chemistry, therefore requiring up to 70% less in chemical costs.

Great Designs

We, at Alaglas Fiberglass Pools, pride ourselves on being an industry leader in pool design, shapes and technology. All of our swimming pool shapes are designed to reflect forward-thinking and current architectural trends. No matter the design or style of your home, our independent contractors will be able to assist you in selecting the perfect pool shape for your backyard environment. Learn more about our designs by viewing our pool models pages.


Alaglas Pools incorporates patented composite technology into their fiberglass pool construction, providing enhanced strength to the entire pool shell. This allows Alaglas to offer a 50-Year Structural Warranty on all their fiberglass pool shells. When considering other fiberglass manufacturers, or pools of a different build, you will want to make sure you first examine the warranty of each under consideration thoroughly.